Eagles, Eels & Elephants with Eric Lalor & Ruth Fitzpatrick

June 19, 2018

What defines an Eagle? How big do Eels get? Why do Elephants have big ears?

These are all questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis & this is why Into The Wild is here. 

Episode 5 is all about Eagels, Eels and Elephants. Joining me as we glide through the sky, dive into the sea & trek across the savanna is stand up comedian & actor, Eric Lalor (@ericlalor) & animal expert Ruth Fitzpatrick (@RuthieFizz). 


If you'd like to learn more about these animals or what you can do to help them, follow the links below: 

Eagles (White Tailed Eagle): https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/wildlife-guides/bird-a-z/white-tailed-eagle/

Eels (Eurpoean Eel): https://www.zsl.org/conservation/regions/uk-europe/eel-conservation

Elephants: https://elephantconservation.org/



Giraffes, Geckos & Gorillas with Niamh Marron & Rich Wilson.

June 4, 2018

Q) What do you get when you cross a Giraffe, Gecko & Gorilla? 

A) Episode 4 of Into The Wild, of course!


Welcome back to another hour of animal chat. Joining me this week is a double whamy of comedians. Niamh Marron (@niamhmarron1) & Rich Wilson (@IamRichWilson). 

From discussing the true height of a Giraffe to why Gecko's loose their tails, this epsiode is all about the uniqueness of these 3 species. 

To learn more about each animal or see what you can do to help their survival, visit:

Giraffes: https://giraffeconservation.org/

Geckso: https://www.doc.govt.nz/nature/native-animals/reptiles-and-frogs/lizards/geckos/

Gorillas: https://www.awf.org/wildlife-conservation/mountain-gorilla



Rays, Rats & Rhinos with Vix Meldrew & Abigoliah Schamaun

May 21, 2018


Welcome back to Into The Wild. Episode 3 is all about Ray, Rats & Rhinos. 

Joining me as I dive into the ocean, sewers & savanah is blogger Vix Meldrew (@VixMeldrew) & stand up comedian Abigoliah Schamaun (@abigoliah). 


Come take a listen how Rays can still breath even when submerged under the sand, how Rats became the 2nd most succesfull mammal & how Rhinos desperately need our help!


To learn more about these animals & what you can do to help them, visit:

Rays: https://www.mantatrust.org/

Rats: https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/why-we-do-it/arguments-against-animal-testing

Rhinos: https://www.savetherhino.org/



Badgers, Bears & Binturongs with Kelly Convey & Arielle Free

May 2, 2018

Welcome to the relaunch of Into The Wild, a podcast that brings you chat about nature, wildlife and animals of all kinds.

On this episode we are joined by stand up comedian Kelly Convey (@kelly_convey) and TV Presenter/DJ, Arielle Free (@ariellefree). This show was all about Badgers, Bears & Binturongs.

If you'd like to learn about ways to help these animals follow the links below:

Badgers: http://www.wildlifetrusts.org/badger-cull

Bears: http://www.bearconservation.org.uk/

Binturongs: http://en.abconservation.org/


Tigers, Tarantulas & Tilikum - with Simon Lynn & Bec Hill

April 26, 2017

Welcome to Episode 1 of Into The Wild. 

This series has been a while in the making, however I am extremely excited to present to you the first ever episode. On this episode we will be talking about Tigers, celebrating their good news of 2016, Tarantulas, the animal a vast majority fear and finally Tilikum, the animal and inspiration behind the film Blackfish. 

My two guests are, ex zoo manager Simon Lynn. Simon has had a solid career in the animal industry, from working on farms and zoo's to now working at a dogs and cats home in Bath. Simon has great experience working with a vast variety of animals and he clearly has a passion for working with them and working to save them. 

My second guest is stand up comedian and "pun-master" Bec Hill. Australian-born and now London-based, Bec has gained a cult following in Australia, the UK and Ireland thanks to her award winning solo shows, Twitter presence and popular YouTube videos. She has a talent for incorporating arts and crafts into her stand-up routines, creating a unique and unforgettable comedy style that she calls “paper-puppetry”. 

A huge thanks for stopping by and checking out this new series. I hope you learn and laugh along with us as we prepare to venture Into The Wild. 

Help Tigers: https://goo.gl/ciZI4Q

Learn more about Tarantulas: https://goo.gl/S37Z8a

Save marine mammals: https://goo.gl/0EpaBr

Hosted by: Ryan Dalton - @mrryanjdalton

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