Into The Wild

Diversity in Nature with Dawood Qureshi, Dr Anjana Khatwa & Karen Larbi

September 7, 2020

This week is our second panel show & this time we, or more, my guests, are discussing the importance of diversity in nature & the barriers black & Asian people face, when working their way through this challenging industry.

On the show we have Karen Larbi. Karen is a trainer, facilitator & consultant. She is the founder of POC in Nature, an online platform dedicated to helping people of colour explore the healing power of nature, environmental justice & land honouring ancestral traditions.

We also have Dawood Qureshi. Currently studying marine biology & runs a wildlife blog, Heart of Wild.

Last but not least, Dr Anjana Khatwa. An earth scientist, presenter & consultant specialising in learning & engagement, content development & embedding diversity & inclusion into business practice.

Aside from asking the questions, you won't hear me much on this show, which is a good thing because my microphone on my laptop is AWFUL, but also, this chat was not about me. This episode is about the experiences of Karen, Dawood & Anjana. Experiences shared by many other black & Asian people around the world in the nature & science industry.

If you'd like to keep up to date with Karen, Dawood & Anjanna's upcoming projects & work you can do so on Twitter & Instagram.

Dawood: T @GoWildForBees I @dawood_dq

Anjana: T & I @jurassicg1rl 

Karen: T & I @whythedarkness 

You can also get in touch with me at & on social media @intothewildpod on Twitter & @intothewildpodcast on Instagram. Whether it's just to say hello, share some thoughts on an episode or even to let me know you'd like to hear about next! 

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