Into The Wild

Getting Ryan Into Birding Part 1 with Jack Baddams, Indy Greene & Lucy Lapwing

February 22, 2021

Birding, ergh, birding. There's more birders on the planets than there are birds, you know that right? WHAT IS ALL THE FUSS ABOUT?! I've never understood the world of birds & after one joke tweet about our feathered friends last year, thousands of angry birders & many wind ups later, I decided to dip my toes in the pool of......birds.

I couldn't do it alone though. I needed help. So in this mini series titled, Getting Ryan Into Birding, I'll be talking with Jack Baddams, Indy Greene & Lucy Lapwing, as they take me under their wing (yes that's a pun) to teach me not only how, but why, I should get into birding.

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