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Into The Foliage: Garden Appreciation with George Hassall (aka Green Fingered George)

June 28, 2021

Quick Note: I can't believe I'm about to say this but.....I'M TAKING A MONTH OFF! This is a big deal for Ryan Dalton, as I never do this. This episode is our last episode until August 2021. Then we will be back with much more nature chat for you all!

Gardens! Some of us have them, some of us long for them, others hate & refuse to do anything to them. Whatever we think of them, we can't ignore that they are a privilege to have & when used well, can be a corridor for native wildlife in this country. So when it comes to appreciating a garden, there's only one person Jan & I could talk to & that was RHS ambassador, George Hassall.

George's attitude to a garden is infectious. Use what you have to benefit you & nature. From what are the do's & what are the don'ts, George tells us about what gardens mean to him & why we should all be appreciating any green or outdoors space we have.

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