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Into The Foliage: Hedgerows with Megan Gimber

March 28, 2022

Wildlife evolves to adapt & survive in order to keep going & sometimes thos adaptations can be ending up relying on something we (humans) have created....rarely but sometimes the case. A perfect example of this in the UK is hedgerows.

Joining Into The Foliage this month is Key Habitats Officer for People's Trust for Endangered Species, Megan Gimber. Megan shares her wealth of knowledge about hedgerows from why they exist in the first place to how important they are for wildlife.

If you'd like to keep up to date with Megan's work than you can do so by following her on the social media @FavColour_Green

You can also find the link to the hedgerow management app Megan mention's in the show HERE

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