Into The Wild

Right to Roam with Nadia Shaikh & Nick Hayes

May 16, 2022

We bang on about connecting with nature & the importance to get outside & see. We CONSTANTLY say "people won't protect what they don't know about or love". So when you learn that in England, we (the public) only have access to 8% of the land......makes you a little bit concerned eh?

Two people that think this is bonkers & are doing something I love (actually doing something about it) are Right to Roam campaigners Nadia Shaikh & Nick Hayes. Nadia & Nick explain all from why this means so much to them & what the real situation is out there regarding access to this place we call England. However, it's not just as simple as access, Nadia also explains the barriers that exist for black, Asian & minority ethnic people who want to or worse, don't even consider, that areas of the countryside is for them. 

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