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Winter Appreciation with Megan McCubbin

January 18, 2021

Ooof put that heating on & make me a brew IT'S WINTER! A time of year that many of us may shiver at or prefer to hibernate under the duvet with some snacks & a Netflix marathon, but, should we appreciate it more?

This week I spoke to zoologist & wildlife presenter Megan McCubbin as she gears up for the next installment of BBC's The Watches, with WinterWatch.

Megan dives into telling us what winter is all about for nature & why it really is a drastic time for wildlife & combining that with what we can look out for both out in the sticks & in cities. We also discuss The Watches themselves & talk about how different they've been in the last year with the many lockdowns we have faced.

Last but certainly not least, I ask Megan how a project of hers & her step dad's, the Self Isolating Bird Club, came to be.

If you'd like to keep up to date with the projects & work Megan is working on, you can do so on Instagram @megan_mccubbinphoto & Twitter @MeganMcCubbin.

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